Yard of the Month for September

The Pine Haven Beautification Alliance Committee has once again found another piece of paradise to name our Yard of the Month for September. August got away from us and we didn’t get one picked, so on to September.

Our pick goes to Josh and Tammy Jundt at 21 W. Sage in Pine Haven. Josh and Tammy have lived there for 13 years and have been married 13 years.

Josh works for the Wyoming Highway Dept. out of Gillette, and Tammy works at Crook County Treasurers Office in Sundance. They have two grown children, boy and girl.

Tammy had lived in Sundance prior to their marriage. Josh’s family has a place over by Devils Tower, where he lived.

Jundts had their home built in Canada and brought down to their property in Pine Haven. It was during the boom in Gillette and was impossible to find anyone to build at that time.

It’s a very beautiful home with a steep gable with lots of windows to look out at the lake. The yard has been an ongoing job as we all know.

Courtesy photo
Josh and Tammy Jundt show off their beautiful yard.


They’ve made lots of terraces of walls to accentuate the yard, which is the most beautiful green, especially since they don’t have a sprinkler system. Someone is changing water often to look so good.

They have a rocked in garden with some bushes and driftwood, and flowers in it. Josh said when they built the foundation the ground was lots of coal and bentonite, so not the easiest to work with. Lots of dirt hauled in.

During the interview we noticed their back yard, and went out to look. To our surprise, not only natural pine trees with nobody behind them but they had added a paved block patio off the nice deck, with a swing and lots of potted plants to sit and enjoy coffee in the mornings, and watch the deer and birds at birdfeeders.

Also found was a great fenced-in vegetable garden, and I especially liked how they put small tubs and surrounded them with rocks so they looked like little ponds for birds to take baths and get drinks. There was lots of Russian sage, driftwood,and odds and ends scattered throughout. They have planted Aspen trees also to get a little different look other than Pine.

Please stop by and check out their beautiful home and yard to see how much they’ve done on it. Like all of us it’s a work in progress, but hopefully we can all benefit and get some ideas for our yards.

Keep up the good work Pine Haven residents so we can call ourselves a secret hidden paradise. So until next year, have a good winter and think about working towards receiving the title of “Yard of the Month”. Again, congratulations to Josh and Tammy Jundt at 21 W. Sage.