Write-ins announced for Pine Haven seats

By Sarah Pridgeon

The write-in votes have been tallied and checked by the appointed canvass board and the names of those who now have the opportunity to appear on the ballot for the general election have been released.

Todd Fritz received the most write-in nominations for both Sundance mayor and Sundance council, with 13 and 15 votes respectively. According to state statute, says County Clerk Linda Fritz, if a write-in candidate turns down the nomination, they are not replaced by the next person down on the list; instead, that slot will be blank.

Consequently, Todd Fritz will only be able to run for either mayor or council member and the other slot will remain open on the ballot.

As two seats are to be elected for the Sundance council, there was opportunity for three write-in candidates to appear on the ballot for the general election alongside Brad Marchant. However, only Todd Fritz received at least three write-in votes.

For the two open council seats in Pine Haven, two additional candidates received enough write-ins to join Kristy Speed on the ballot: John Henle, with eight votes, and Jeanne Williams with four. Misty Brown also received four votes but, says Linda Fritz, is not a qualified elector.

For Pine Haven mayor, both Karla Brandenburg and Larry Suchor received four write-in votes. However, as Suchor received an additional write-in with his name slightly misspelled, says Linda Fritz, the canvass board determined that this puts him ahead with a total of five.