Waters to represent Wyoming

By Grace Moore

Grace Moore photo
Executive Director of the National Principals Association, JoAnn Bartoletti, MHS principal Becky Waters and President of National Principals Association Christine Handy.

Moorcroft High School Principal Becky Waters was recently nominated for and subsequently accepted the position of national representative for Wyoming on the National Principals Association, receiving her pin at their conference in Chicago in July.

This honor only comes to one acting principal in each state every 15 to 20 years on a rotating schedule and consists of a four year term with an option of another two year term as president of the association.

Waters has been the Northeastern District Representative officer on the state principal association board for the last year and will liaison between the state and national boards in the following years as well as a few other duties.

“I go to orientation in September so I don’t have all the details, but it will involve lobbying with the legislature, working with the budget, preparing for conferences and working with people from all over the United States with laws and legislation,” she says.

Though these are early days, Waters believes she will have many options opened to her.

“It’s kind of whatever personally you want to do with it. It can be just a board stint, you do your board requirements and you’re done or you can go above and beyond,” she says.

“There are always other opportunities within the National Principals Association.”

She had been asked to join the state association last year.

“I didn’t expect it to go this far, I didn’t know anything about the national board positions until it came up and I was asked,” she says.

Waters will be traveling over a weekend and working for the association about every couple of months with her next trip in September to receive her orientation and list of duties.

“It will take a lot of organization. We travel on Saturday and Sunday so it’s like a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, so you only miss a couple days of school; they do that on purpose so you’re not out of your building as much; you’re going to have to work weekends but that’s okay,” she says.

“I’ll probably lean on a couple people in the building when I’m gone, which happens anyway if I’m sick or whatnot.”

Waters is looking forward to the challenge at this level, saying, “It’s overwhelming, yet exciting all at the same time.”