Washing out the details

By Grace Moore

Grace Moore photo
Dennis Stillman of Consolidated Engineering Inc and Cevin Imus of Land Surveying Inc . answer questions.

Pine Haven’s Planning and Zoning Committee conducted a public meeting Tuesday evening to show the preliminary building plans of a proposed car and dog wash that Sharon and Mark Colman hope to build on the corner between Waters Park and Hays Boulevard. The property is currently owned by Keyhole Country Club and, if the plans are approved, will have to be rezoned for a commercial business.

The planned building will house one full service auto bay, two manual bays capable of facilitating larger vehicles and a pet washing area. The surrounding ground will be covered with either concrete or asphalt, according to the general contractor overseeing the project, Hladky Construction’s Scott Heibult.

The walls will be concrete with a vinyl form to protect the concrete from drawing moisture and making the bays much easier to keep clean. The roof will consist of a standard truss and metal. The ingress will come off of Pine Haven Road and egress onto Hays Boulevard. There will be ten parking spots added to that north side of the road and two spots lost to development.

Heibult had project engineer Dennis Stillman of Consolidated Engineers Inc and land surveyor Cevin Imus of Land Surveying Inc attend as well to better answer any questions or concerns from the audience. Residents had been notified previous to the meeting to send their comments, questions and concerns via letter if they could not attend, of which there were none.

Town council members as well as Mayor Larry Suchor attended, asking questions and addressing their own concerns. Addressing a question regarding noise from the operation of the 24/7 facility, Heibult explained that the sound right at the entrance of the wash bay is loudest around 97 decibels, decreasing to 60 feet straight out from the automatic bay at 77 decibels.

70 to 80 decibels is the equivalent to a kitchen sink garbage disposal unit or a dish washer. While Heibult did not have the decibel numbers on the vacuums, he noted that they will not be louder than the blowers inside the bay.

Another concern expressed was the close proximity of 15 feet to the park bathrooms at the north side of the commercial lot. Heibult assured those present that the area between the facility and the bathrooms will not be a drive through, rather a parking area.

Suchor, speaking for the town, asked that a handicapped parking space be designated for that space, said “Our restrooms are handicapped and I would like to see one if we could so if we do have a handicapped person, they wouldn’t be a long way away.” The preliminary plan includes a handicapped parking space, but on the south end of the building.

The first reading of the ordinance allowing a change of zoning for the lot in question from R2 to a BC1will be at the regular meeting on Tuesday, May 8, the second on Tuesday, May 29 and the final reading, finalizing the change will be at the June 12 meeting. The park and the country club building, not part of the Coleman building plan, remain R2.