Warrant issued for assault in Keyhole cabin

By Sarah Pridgeon

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a man accused of assaulting his girlfriend at Keyhole State Park in January. Andrew Carl Buller of Cody, otherwise known as Andy StandingWolf, allegedly grabbed his girlfriend by the throat twice during a fishing trip to the lake.

On January 24, A Keyhole State Park Ranger was contacted by dispatch about an assault that had occurred ten days earlier at the lake. The complainant informed dispatch that she had been assaulted at one of the cabins by her boyfriend; it was later confirmed that both parties had stayed there.

The complainant told the ranger that they had come to ice fish at the lake and things went well until dinner time, when an altercation occurred and Buller allegedly grabbed her by the throat and pushed her down the steps. He then grabbed her again by the throat, according to the complainant’s statement, and threw her down so that her face struck the table.

Buller allegedly took the complainant’s keys and phone from her. She stated that she knew where the ranger station was but hadn’t been sure she could make it there on foot, in the dark and in sub-freezing temperatures.

Consequently, said the complainant, she waited until Buller left on a job to report the incident. The ranger attempted to contact Buller’s boss but was told he did not show up for the job and has not spoken to his employer; additional attempts to locate him also allegedly failed.

Buller faces a felony charge of strangulation, carrying a maximum penalty of five years’ incarceration, a $10,000 fine or both. He also faces misdemeanor charges of domestic battery, false imprisonment and interference with emergency calls.