Volunteers suggest new food pantry

By Grace Moore

The Interfaith and MTC Committees have joined in an effort to bring a food distribution center to Moorcroft. Currently, the only center in the area is in Casper and they are desperately in need of other centers to the east and west to share the load.

Right now, Moorcroft receives foodstuffs from the Sundance food pantry two days a month, says Interfaith Community member Walt Campbell, adding, “This is a long time for a family to stretch their food.” Campbell and Nancy Feehan are among other activists within the community seeking a better way to get food into the mouths of the kids of Crook County.

According to state statistics, reports Feehan, Crook County leads the state in people who do not know from where their next meal is coming; of these 750 are families and 112 are children.

Campbell says that the groups are exploring two different avenues to help with this endeavor, “Establishing a food pantry in Moorcroft where we can be open two or three days a week with volunteers operating it and the second is establishing a distribution center at the MTC directly from the Rocky Mountain Food Bank.”

The Rocky Mountain Food Bank, also known as Food Bank of the Rockies, is the central source from which Wyoming food pantries are subsidized.

While the possibility of a new distribution center in Moorcroft has not yet been discussed with her, volunteer Katy Daves, Crook County Food Pantry manager, stated Tuesday that she thinks “it’s a great idea.” She figures that, right now, the hunger related needs in the county is “pretty well addressed” though, because the Sundance food bank, which supports Moorcroft and Hulett, receives a great deal of local support.

The MTC and Interfaith Committees are jointly conducting a study to determine the feasibility of such an enterprise to take before the town council in the near future. The co-operative committees are also considering implementing the “Totes for Hope” project to feed children during the summer months, similar to the “Blessings in a Backpack” program that feeds them on the weekends during the school year.