Updates from the Legislature

Submitted by

Representative Tyler Lindholm

House District #1

Week one of the 64th Wyoming State Legislature Budget Session wrapped up with the House of Representatives working our way through a number of important measures aimed at diversifying Wyoming’s economy for the long-term, protecting personal liberties, reining in spending and making government more accountable and efficient. There were 317 bills filed in the House of Representatives, 113 of which remain active and under consideration.

I was proud to be the lead sponsor of four bills this session, two of which are moving forward in the legislature. House Bill 70, Open Blockchain Tokens Exemptions and House Bill 101, Electronic Corporate Records are both aimed at empowering block chain entrepreneurs and innovators while increasing security and reducing duplicative records.

Wyoming is positioned to be the national leader in allowing Blockchain technology to thrive. These two bills, along with two others I am proud to co-sponsor, are critical to removing regulatory burdens to this emerging industry.

HB 70 was unanimously approved by the House of Representatives on third reading and HB 101 has already passed second reading in the House.

Of course, the main purpose of the abbreviated Budget Session is to work through a two-year budget for state operations and spending. Republicans’ conservative approach to budgeting and continued fiscal discipline has led to substantial savings that have enabled us to weather the recent economic storm and tackle the challenges we face today.

In the past year alone, we’ve reduced the structural deficit by 20 percent, from $1.2 billion to $900 million. This session, and moving forward, we’ll continue to chip away at this deficit until we eliminate it completely.

House Bill 1, General Government Appropriations, is the budget bill introduced in the House today for consideration. An identical version was also introduced in the Senate.

Over the next few days, both chambers will debate the budget bill, offer amendments and, ultimately, vote on final passage. Once the House and Senate both approve a budget bill, the two chambers will appoint conferees who will meet and hammer out the differences between the two versions.

A final bill will emerge from this meeting and each chamber will take an up or down vote.

I have the distinct honor of hosting three legislative interns from our district this session. Upton High School Junior, Annika Cobely, is in her second week of interning at the State House of Representatives. Annika’s legislative interests include the bill regarding the Display of the National Motto, Blockchain bills, ENDOW (Economic Diversification), educational funding and development, as well as healthcare.

Annika plans on getting a degree in Pre-Professional Medical Studies and Foreign Language, then continuing on to Medical School with a specialization in Ophthalmology or Oncology. Elizabeth Stephens is a 16-year-old junior at Upton High School who is beginning her intern experience. Her legislative interests include Hemp Extract Bills, the DVI Bill, Safe driving and education funding and development.

Her plan is to complete her Bachelors in Biology, and continue onto Medical School where she will become an ER doctor.

Devils Tower native, Grace Belize Anderson is a senior at Wyoming Virtual Academy. She is very interested in the Stand Your Ground and Public School Financing Bills, as well as legislation concerning educational funding and public school options.

Grace Belize plans on majoring in Political Science and Communications with a minor in Cyber Security. Her desire is to one day run for public office.

I encourage you to get involved in the legislative process by listening live to the session, tracking bills and following the ongoing work of the House and Senate online at lso.wyoleg.gov. If you have any questions regarding this session or my position on issues important to you, please feel free to call me at 307-282-0968 or email me at Tyler.Lindholm@wyoleg.gov. I look forward to hearing from you.