Tributes to our heroes

Grace Moore photos
Doug Leis plays Taps on the bugle with fellow veterans Tim Wattenberg and Ed Robinson.

By Grace Moore

The Moorcroft/Pine Haven area has been long known for their active commemoration of veterans in the community and this year was again a strong accolade to the men and women who have stood at the gates and walked into the dark so we may play freely in the sun.

Veterans, their families and other guests attended the concert at the K-8 school Friday morning. The youths sang with energy.

Pictures drawn by MHS students interpreting the meaning of Veterans Day.


Their hard work was noted as they stood, each class in turn, and recognized Veterans Day with song and poem.

The veterans were honored Saturday morning at Vineyard Church in Pine Haven with a solemn ceremony of appreciation followed by a lunch and cordiality.

Veterans received tribute one more time at the MTC Veterans Dinner where the setting of the sun brought a quiet appreciation to the ending of the day and a quiet dinner among old friends.