Town tackles illegal dumping problem

Grace Moore photos
Items such as this armchair have been appearing near overpasses.

By Grace Moore

Moorcroft Public Works Director Cory Allison and the crew at the Wind Creek Landfill are facing the increasingly problematic issue of illegal dumping at the landfill gate. The crew recently went through the contents of the dumped garbage bags to ascertain to whom the refuse belonged and gave the information to Moorcroft Chief of Police Doug “Red” Lundborg to follow up with possible citations.

The chief later reported that he had

Town residents can still fill their dumpsters without worry while the landfill remains open.

tried to “run them down” to no avail and said that all he can do at this time is cite them for littering if he is able to find them. There are those who already dump along roads and under overpasses, he said, like the people who dumped a chair and a couple of old tires beneath Interstate 90 on Wind Creek some time ago.


Lundborg advises the public that it is going to get worse around the county as access to landfills decreases, “Because people will get rid of their trash, so littering along county roads and where ever, will probably increase.”

According to Allison, there was a concern when an old refrigerator showed up in the middle of the Converse Street sidewalk in Moorcroft, near the public library a couple of weeks ago with a “For Free” sign on it. The appliance eventually disappeared, but if no one had picked it up, “We would’ve had to get rid of it [ourselves].”

Allison and Town Attorney Jim Peck have been discussing the issue, said Allison. Though much of the problem will present itself at the county level, Allison said, they are looking at ways to mitigate littering at the landfill property.