Town questions project plans

By Grace Moore

Grace Moore photo
The Coleman storage facility is in the latter stages of groundwork.

The groundwork on the Coleman storage facility on South Pine Haven Road is moving along; however, the Pine Haven Town Council expressed some concern at last Tuesday’s work shop about the notable lack of culverts and perhaps even an absence of retaining walls that are part of the previously approved engineers’ site design.

Councilman John Henle brought the question to the attention of his fellows at Tuesday night’s work shop, asking, “Are they going to put in a retaining wall?” HDR Engineering’s Heath Turbiville acknowledged the use of retaining walls in the plans submitted for review.

He then noted, “I’m not sure the culverts that were shown to go in there are [there] either. From those low spots, there should be culverts running to the west.” He told the council that he did not see the required culverts, “but I didn’t go down to the other end.”

Henle asked if the absence of culverts will affect the residents who live closest to the site. Turbiville answered, “Potentially.”

He explained that the purpose of the apparently absent culverts is to concentrate run off to the existing drainage areas, “Whereas now, depending on how hard it rains, it could end up running over.”

Mayor Larry Suchor also made note that there were no culverts in evidence under the dirt that is now blocking the drainage ditch for Pine Haven Road.

Henle expressed his concern about allowing the work to continue without addressing these items. Asking the question of Turbiville, he was informed by the mayor and Councilwoman Karla Brandenburg that it is an internal issue for Coleman’s engineer.

With no further response to the question, the matter was dropped.