Taking charge of your own safety

By Grace Moore

Grace Moore photo
Sheriff’s Deputy Ed Robinson waits as the students settle before beginning the four hour class.


Many of Moorcroft’s first responders attended ALICE training Monday night and were impressed with the practical advice they received. Deputy Sheriff Ed Robinson is the local instructor and has been offering the class in the Moorcroft area for the last couple of years.

He is passionate about the program and emphasizes the need in the community. The training is free to the public.

Monday’s class was the first ALICE training Jeff Holberg had attended and he shared some of what he learned.

“Everyone needs to take care of themselves and take care of others if you can; do not cower and hide, do things to distract the shooter, but don’t hide. [Robinson] did a pretty convincing case, starting with Columbine, as far as how people reacted to the shooter and the outcome; they were very passive at Columbine and a lot of people died,” he said.

Holberg, Fred Devish and Rusty Williams all advise more individuals to attend the next ALICE class.

“More people should take it,” Holberg said, “Because the fact of the matter is all of the things that ALICE teaches you happen before the police get there, before the EMTs get there or Fire gets there.”

ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate) is the number one active shooter civilian response training class available to citizens in this country today. ALICE teaches you what to do for your best chance at surviving a mass shooting situation at school, church, work or any other “target rich” environment. The class lasts about four hours.

For the date and time of the next ALICE training, contact the sheriff’s department.