State Champs

Cole Cook.
Cook has been wrestling since seventh grade. “I’ve always known I wanted to be a state champ so all I had to do is just put in the work and go out and wrestle every match as if it was my last.”
Rowdy Pfeil.
“Going into the match, I was more excited than anything else because I know that the work that I’ve put in through the year was all leading up to that moment and I was just reaping the benefits at that point.”
Solomon Petz.
Petz has been part of the six-year winning streak for the last four. “Going into the match, I just had to be calm and focused and just go out there and wrestle because I already put in the work.”
Tucker Allison.
“I wrestled this kid a few times in the season and I knew what I had to do to beat him, I practiced on a weak move of his and he did that and I countered it; that’s what won the match in the last ten seconds.”