Squirrel Brigade starts with a splash

By Grace Moore

The Squirrel Brigade has joined forces with the People for the Moorcroft Pool in the continuing fight against teenage ennui in Moorcroft with plans to get a splash pad at Noonan Park.

A squirrel attended the Monday night council meeting with teacher and advisor Andrea Wood to ask permission to move forward in communicating with other pertinent entities to further facilitate a working model and begin actively seeking grants.

President of the People for Moorcroft Pool Sara King, standing with the Brigade representatives, addressed the question of cost, “For a reasonably sized splash park, we’d be looking at between $200,000 and $250,000.”

Councilman Dick Claar asked Town Attorney Jim Peck to ascertain whether the splash pad, which can be incorporated into a sprinkler system at Noonan, could be considered an improvement to the municipal infrastructure, putting the project under the auspices of the third specific tax.

“I’m fully in favor of spending this one cent ‘penny power’ for that. I think it’s a worthwhile project,” he said. He also noted that a restroom would be a good addition to the plan.

The group has been working with Cory Allison, director of the Public Works Department, and Ben Glenn of Glenn Construction to create some drafts of what the project might look like when finished and asked the governing body to take a walk through of the park with them to examine the space and “get our ideas on the ground”.

The Brigade hopes to gain information from the council, public works and other pertinent sources to engineer a workable schematic themselves. The group conducted a walkthrough Thursday morning, March 15.

When asked why the squirrels chose Noonan for the splash pad, King responded that the park, though having had some improvements in the last couple of years, is in need of a face lift and Wood further explained that the squirrels have created a comprehensive plan for the “park system” dividing the parks for the different age groups. The youngest children (one to ten years) would find their best play at Noonan, older kids would enjoy Robinson and sand volleyball next to the baseball field at Westview Park would be available for the older teenagers.