Senior services look to consolidate

By Sarah Pridgeon

Crook County Senior Services is hoping to consolidate the entities providing assistance to local seniors across the county into one overall district, with a board of trustees to oversee it. To that end, said Winnie Bush to the county commissioners last week, the hope is to place the issue of forming a district on this year’s ballot.

Senior services as a whole have been struggling, continued Bonnie Beaudoin. Grants are going down and the numbers of people needing assistance are going up – with the baby boomer generation heading for retirement age, there will soon be half again as many seniors in this county, she said.

Consolidation would assist senior services in providing the assistance needed, said Bush. The district would be asking for a mill levy to help fund its projects and operations.

“All the money goes into our programs to help our seniors stay in their homes longer,” Bush said. Those programs include meals and travel assistance, as well as programs in the senior centers.

The new organization would be named the Senior Citizen Services District and would have an elected board, similar to the museum or hospital districts. The county commissioners will need to pass the resolution presented to them at their May meeting in order for the question to be placed on the ballot.