Second suspect arrested in generator theft

Luerie Williams of Osage has been arrested in connection with the theft of a generator from Glenn Construction in Moorcroft last November. Thought to be the female accomplice seen in video surveillance footage driving the vehicle as the theft occurred, Williams has been charged with one felony count of accessory before the fact.

According to Officer Bill Bryant, the generator was taken from Glenn Construction on November 9, 2016. John Miller of Gillette was arrested shortly after the incident on felony charges of theft.

Video footage from Glenn Construction shows an Oldsmobile pulling into the parking lot just before 2 a.m. with what appeared to be three passengers inside, one of whom removed the generator and placed it in the vehicle. As the vehicle left, Bryant reports that the interior light appeared to be on and the driver was observed wearing an orange long-sleeve shirt.

Video footage from the Coffee Cup taken just over an hour before the theft shows the vehicle entering the fuel station’s parking lot followed by a second, silver vehicle. The Oldsmobile allegedly parked near the front entrance at around 12:43 a.m. and the driver exited to meet with the driver of the second vehicle, who was also wearing an orange shirt.

Gillette Police Department identified the female as Williams, a known associate of the man seen taking the generator. The pair were seen on video together inside and outside the store over a period of around 45 minutes.

Williams has been charged with one felony count of accessory before the fact, carrying a maximum penalty of 10 years’ jail time, a $10,000 fine or both.

By Sarah Pridgeon