School district aiming for 75-space parking lot

By Grace Moore

With $1.9 million remaining in the budget for the construction of Moorcroft’s K-8 school, Crook County School District Facilities Director Tom Necklason is just waiting for the go ahead from the state to start work on the new 75-space parking lot southeast of the high school. The funds must be re-appropriated by the state before Necklason can move forward.

Grace Moore photo
The site of the proposed entrance leading into what will become a new parking lot for the school.

“It went through House Bill 1 and now we’re waiting for the governor’s okay. I was hoping that it was approved and we could get something going, but I’m waiting on confirmation,” he says.

The $1.9 million will be enough to complete a 75-space parking lot and, with approval from the town, a second egress/ ingress immediately south of the football field and north of the privately owned shop and ground that sits at the east end of South Little Horn Avenue, according to Necklason.

He says that, once approved, he can start with the engineering immediately as he has that element standing by and, “we should have it ready to bid in a couple of months and get it done, hopefully, this summer”.