Scammers take another victim

By Grace Moore

Grace Moore photo
Police Chief Doug Lundborg.

Every year, someone in the Moorcroft area calls the police department to report a scam via telephone, email or Facebook and this year is no different, says Police Chief Doug “Red” Lundborg.

A Moorcroft area resident sent approximately $14,000 in a series of payments through Wal-Mart’s Moneygram recently, believing the scammers’ claim that they had won millions if only they send the associated fees. The victim, believing the scammer, sent $500, then was asked to send more until eventually they were unable to contact the individual via the phone number by which they had previously spoken to check on the progress of said millions.

Lundborg warns of this particular scenario.

“Somebody contacts an individual saying ‘if you send us money, we will send you a big check’…Whether it’s Instagram, a letter you receive or a check that isn’t perforated…If you’re getting something from someone you don’t know promising money if you send them money, it’s a scam,” he says.

Red urges people who are considering sending money to get money to consider the idea that, “If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Do not respond, throw it away.”

Moorcroft law enforcement is contacted regularly regarding one of these fraudulent “get rich quick” schemes and Red states unequivocally, “We cannot track that down. We just don’t have the ability, the manpower or the equipment.” He explains that the officer involved can make and file a report, “but that’s it”.

There is a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) hotline for victims of fraud to call at 1-877-382-4357.