Root of the problem

City devises plan to clear lines on water system with simultaneous chemical flush

The Moorcroft public works crew ran a camera through the town’s sewer line for almost three blocks in the alley along Cheyenne Street and Powder River Avenue recently and director Cory Allison reported at Monday’s meeting that the line is clear of obstructions. However, he said, every private line tapped into the municipal pipe was observed to have significant root invasion.
The town is concerned that residents may attempt to clear their systems and in the process clog both their private and the main line as they chemically remove roots and flush them down the line. The council has devised a plan of action to facilitate clearing residential pipes without harming the main or backing sewer into any of the ten or so homes in question.
The town offers a chemical to put down the residential toilet, the same product Allison’s crew uses in the main line, which eats the roots and pushes the remaining debris down the line, after which the crew again jets the pipe.
Residents along those blocks may purchase this chemical, if they choose, at town hall. This product or one similar can be purchased at any home care store as well.
Allison suggested to the council, “It would be nice if we did it all at one time instead of [being] in there jetting it every week for the next six months.” The council and town attorney Jim Peck concurred; residents will receive a recommended date within the next couple months to utilize the root killer, allowing maintenance to jet the main line again.
Allison will be present a half hour before the September 25 meeting to talk to citizens and answer any questions or concerns.

By Grace Moore