Robinson Park playset safety questioned

Mayor Steve Sproul advised his council and Public Works Director Cory Allison last week that he wants to see the playset removed from Robinson Park for liability reasons. “I was down there looking at it and it’s broke halfway up and you can push the whole thing…It’s dangerous,” he said.

Councilman Owen Mathews suggested, because of the expense of replacing the playground equipment with prices starting at $20,000, first having Allison examine the equipment to establish the extent of the damage and to fix it if he can.

When Mathews explained the cost of replacing the entire structure, Sproul said that, “it doesn’t matter…We’re talking about our kids now!”

Allison and two members of the governing body conducted an examination the next day and found, “One little broken board on one of the ramps going up and we’re going to replace [that]. We can repair it, there’s no reason to tear it down”.

Councilman Ben Glenn later noted that the structure was sound and did not move at all when the three grown men tried to shift it.

The public works director removed a slide from the Texas Trails Park about two weeks ago by order of the mayor. Looking at the cost of replacement, Allison recommends, though, “All the play ground [equipment] needs replaced, but we just don’t have the money to do it so we need to just fix what we have to make it so kids can use it.”

Allison had previously removed the swings at Robinson Park due to extensive wear to the soft seats and has the replacement seats ready to be installed, “as soon as we get freed up”.


By Grace Moore