Road damage to be assessed

By Grace Moore

The White Tail sewer project is done but, before the final payment is made to the contractor, there is road damage to be addressed from the heavy machinery that was driven over Vista Grande.

At last Tuesday night’s workshop, the governing body discussed the issue at length. The damage is predominately to the approaches to the graveled side roads from the paved Vista Grande.

HDR Engineering’s Heath Turbiville explained to the council that there would have to be a meeting between the general contractor, Sakrison, HDR and members of the council to ascertain the extent of the damage and whether it is under warranty.

“There could potentially be some [damage] that the town would need to pay to repair and that is what we’re trying to avoid or minimize,” he said.

“After the walkthrough, we’ll ask if JR Civil is willing to repair those areas that aren’t under warranty under their contract”.

Even after the town pays the remaining ten percent completion fee, there will be between $20,000 and $30,000 remaining in the grant that can be used for the cost of any road damage for which the town will have to pay.

Mayor Larry Suchor assured his council, “You could have JR Civil sub contract with Sakrison and do part of that work and it will be grant eligible for 50 percent instead of the town paying for 100 percent of it. There’s relativity no cost to the contractor so I think it’s a good deal. It saves the town half of the repair cost.”

The council will delay any decisions until after the walkthrough with the contractor, which has been set for August 2 at 1 p.m.