Results released for hard-fought primary

By Sarah Pridgeon

Grace Moore photo
A voter casts her ballot in Moorcroft on Tuesday.

Votes have been cast and tallied and this year’s contenders for the general election in November have been announced. Among the upsets at Tuesday’s primary, Steve Sproul came third in the race for Moorcroft mayor and will not appear on the ballot for the general election.

As a nonpartisan seat, two candidates from the primary will move forward for each open municipal seat. Dick Claar and Owen Mathews will fill those slots for the mayor’s seat, while incumbent Paul Smoot along with Dale Petersen, John Aloisio and Nancy Feehan will go head to head for the open council seat.

In Pine Haven, Bill Cunningham for mayor and Kristy Speed for council, as the only candidates who ran during the primary, will each be joined on the ballot by candidates nominated via write-in.

In other surprises, Ogden Driskill will not retain his seat for another term, having been beaten to the punch by Lenard Seeley, and Theresa Curren will not be re-elected for a second term as County Assessor after losing the primary vote to previous assessor Lisa Fletcher.

Steve Stahla was beaten by challenger Fred Devish and will appear on the ballot alongside Jeanne Whalen. Steve Sproul will not retain his mayorship in Moorcroft.

County officials who are set to retain their seats this year include Mary Kuhl, who beat Sheryl Klocker in the vote for County Treasurer, as well as Linda Fritz for Clerk, Jeff Hodge for Sheriff, Tina Wood for Clerk of District Court and Michael Frolander for Coroner, all of whom ran unopposed.

Tyler Lindholm was also unopposed in his bid to retain his seat as State Representative.

Below are the initial local results from this year’s primary election.


Town of Moorcroft – Mayor

Steve Sproul – 44

Dick Claar – 147

Owen Mathews – 61

Town of Moorcroft – Council

Paul Smoot – 151

Nancy Feehan – 75

Alfred “Charlie” Britton – 43

John Aloisio – 48

Dale Petersen – 145

Tom Claytor – 15

Town of Pine Haven – Mayor

Bill Cunningham – 116

Town of Pine Haven – Council

Kristy Speed – 114


State Senator – Republican

Ogden Driskill – 1209

Judy McCullough – 698

Lenard D. Seeley – 462

State Representative – Republican

Tyler Lindholm – 2029

County Commissioner – Republican

Steve Stahla – 1136

Jeanne Whalen – 1232

Fred Devish – 1384

County Clerk – Republican

Linda Fritz – 2071

Clerk of District Court – Republican

Christina “Tina” Wood – 1951

County Assessor – Republican

Theresa L. Curren – 1136

Lisa Fletcher – 1130

County Treasurer – Republican

Mary Wood Kuhl – 1279

Sheryl Klocker – 1062

County Sheriff

Jeff Hodge – 2040

County Attorney

Joe Baron – 86

County Coroner

Michael R. Frolander – 2109


Mill levy for Crook County Senior Services District – YES

Mill levy for Crook County Conservation District – NO