Residents warn of vandalism

By Grace Moore

Local resident Kelly Perkins woke up to a broken outside water spigot last Friday morning after one or more unknown individuals entered the front lawn and portico of her home during the night and turned the spigot valve three quarter turns. “I walked outside onto my patio and water was spraying everywhere,” she says.

The night time temperatures were below freezing, causing the approximately 7000 gallons of water lost through the night to become a lake over the two concrete terraced porticos that was four inches thick and a stream that traveled along the alley behind the property of her neighbors.

“It was horrible,” she says. One of her neighbors then told Perkins of a similar occurrence that befell him a month previously.

She said the outdoor carpeting will have to be replaced because the salt she had to use to assist in the removal of the sheet of ice will rot the fabric. She worked for hours on the downstairs patio to clear approximately 15 feet of thick ice to reach the vehicles and is still working on the upper space that never gets the sun. She also has to replace the Y spigot.

The vandalism, she says, “Took me unawares and usually I’m pretty observant; it was a very deliberate thing. We have a porch light on and they had to have come in through the front yard to get to the spigot that’s right next to the steps to the door”.

Perkins wants citizens to be aware and diligent to guard their homes from any persons who may be walking onto their private property after dark to interfere with outside water taps.

Moorcroft Police Chief Doug Lundborg advises residents who may be concerned to install a security cap and/or a camera or simply shut the water off to the outside spigots when not in use.