Pine Haven: Town plans for the year ahead

By Grace Moore

Grace Moore photo
Fire Chief Bob Rudichar is the first to address the council to make his annual requests.


The Pine Haven Council conducted a planning meeting Thursday afternoon to hear requests for the 2018/19 fiscal year from municipal committee


“We can make a determination on the budget at some other point; for now I just want to hear everybody and gather information so we can make an intelligent decision,” said Mayor Larry Suchor. Notably, not all requests are financial.

Fire Department

More training was the first request from recently appointed Fire Chief Bob Rudichar, including offsite and online. The chief wants to conduct more practical training at home, saying, “We want to take the trucks out, run hoses to hydrants, hook them up and run it through the engine.”

Also, a survey of local businesses to determine where the shutoff valves are located, what the attics and ceiling structure are like, what type of fire suppression system is in place, best ingress and egress in an emergency situation, creating a, “pre-plan so we all know where everything is.” The form has already been developed and there will be no cost to the town.

Beautification Committee

Aileen Byrne addressed a request previously initiated by Councilman John Cook, who had asked the council to consider donating town funds to buy more Christmas lights to create more scenes along the golf course fence. While public funds cannot be used for such, another proposal was further discussed with Byrne for more Christmas scenes.

Planning and Zoning

Newly placed Chairman Charie Gulley stated that at this time he needs to come up to date on the building code book and bylaws. Clerk/Treasurer Barb Hardy reminded those present that the existing codes do not address an application for a commercial building and the business coming into town in the near future will bring this issue into focus.


Al Kaldor asked the council for $2000, which is the usual amount given to the committee for the management of the cemetery. The group will also have a shed constructed this season to be raffled to raise more funding for the continuing upkeep and improvements of the town’s cemetery. They plan to pour concrete under the flag pole area, re-gravel the roadway, plant trees and install irrigation this year.

Rec board/Chamber of Commerce

Sharon Coleman spoke on behalf of both committees, requesting a budget of approximately $1200 for the town’s baseball field for the rec board. “I left the concessions at $200, but the equipment needs to be raised to $1000,” she said. She will help this budget item with a fundraiser.

Speaking for the chamber, Coleman suggested reestablishing an event similar to the formerly held “Rhythm and Ribs”, saying, “When I first moved out here, that was my favorite thing to go to. It was always huge and a lot of fun.”

She would like to bring a “Pine Haven Festival” back to the community. This event would again benefit the local businesses. Coleman is requesting at least $5000, “to get it started and if we do it right, it’ll be anywhere between $5000 and $10000”.

Keyhole Park

Keyhole Assistant Park Superintendent Gentry Eatherton shared with the governing body the park’s plans regarding campground improvements for the Coulter Bay area. The upgrades are anticipated depending on the availability of funding, this coming year. “We propose to bring electricity to the RV sites,” he said.

The governing body will employ at least one other work session before the budget is formally discussed.