Pine Haven council hears praise for first responders

By Grace Moore

Pine Haven’s meeting of the governing body last Tuesday started on a high note with a commendation from Crook County Deputy Sheriff Ed Robinson for the quality of service demonstrated by the Pine Haven first responders at a serious accident along Pine Haven Road involving two cars in which an older couple was injured earlier in the month.

“Their response as well as their efforts at the scene was very professional and a lot faster than I had expected and I was asked if there was anything they could do before they left and that doesn’t happen a lot. You’ve got a crown jewel in town with those guys,” he said.

An area resident who declined to identify himself addressed the council regarding a previously held public discussion regarding the manners or lack thereof shown by park rangers as they deal with the public. The individual voiced his strong disagreement to the negative opinion shared at last month’s meeting.

“I’ve lived next to the park for over 30 years…They have never been rude to me, not one minute in their careers,” he said.

“Until you have to deal with the hooligans in that park and put up with the BS that those state park people put up with…I took offence to it.”

Councilman Mike Pommarane responded, “At least 20 people have called me to say I was exactly right”. The mayor and council then thanked the man for sharing his opposing perspective and, having said his piece, the individual departed the meeting.

Lastly, before the governing body got down to the business of the town, Keyhole Assistant Park Superintendent Gentry Eatherton informed the audience and council that the park is hosting an event called The Jackalope Jump, a cold water dip that will start at 1 p.m. at the Keyhole Marina on March 3.

Participants will jump from the dock into the open water; people are invited to watch and, health permitting, sign up at noon and join in the fun. This event is to benefit Special Olympics.