Patriotism flies proud

By Grace Moore

Grace Moore photo
Dick Claar with the newly installed flags at the MTC.

Anyone driving through town on Converse will have noticed the beautiful flag poles and flags along the north end of the MTC as the permanent poles were installed in concrete late last month. After some complaints about the flags that were put on display throughout July being too close to the ground, not having enough light and not of a weather-resistant material as is proper etiquette, Dick Claar and many others contributed for a proper stand for Old Glory to fly all across the north and east parameter of the building.

The poles now stand 20 feet high and are placed every 15 feet; the flags are three by five feet. There is also a solar powered light on the top of each pole to illuminate the flags.

According to Claar, “I bought one of these off the internet for my house and it seemed such a good idea that Johnnie Faye and I thought we’d just buy them one at a time as we could afford to do it for the MTC. Other people saw what was going on and just called and volunteered to buy flags.”

There are 13 flags flying along the north end and another eight are currently being installed along the east fence of the garden.