One easement short

By Grace Moore

Pine Haven has been working diligently over the last few months to garner all the necessary easements from property owners to facilitate laying the pipe line for the town’s sanitary sewer project. Everyone has complied except for one; this individual is negotiating with the council for use of their property.

At this month’s regular council meeting, Councilwoman Karla Brandenburg asked Mayor Larry Suchor, “Is that going to cause us a problem?” To which he admitted that, “It could if not resolved.”

Suchor told the council that he and HDR Engineering’s Heath Turbiville hosted a meeting with the landowner last Friday.

“Technically, what they wanted us to do is flag every tree that’s going to be cut and we’re going to work on that; and there are a couple other items,” he said.

If this last easement changes the planned course of the line as has been suggested by this property owner, the project will face “potential” delays because the current plan has already been accepted by DEQ and, according to Turbiville, the town should be receiving that permit “soon” and any changes to the plan prior to bidding must be reevaluated by the agency.

The town continues negotiations with the property owner. Suchor noted that the council will have another meeting when the matter is resolved to continue in whichever direction they must.