No tolerance policy for dangerous dogs

By Grace Moore

The matter of dogs at large within town limits has been brought to the fore with the recent attack on Moorcroft Police Officer Jory Tadlock. At Monday night’s council meeting, Moorcroft Chief of Police Doug Lundborg reported that the police department has initiated a no tolerance policy.

If a dog is found to be loose, either in an unfenced yard as was the case with the pitbull that attacked Tadlock or on the road, the owner is cited every time. “I have tried to impress upon the officers that we give no warning; it’s a citation to the owner, period,” he said.

Councilman Owen Mathews pointed out the unfortunate end game if people do not protect their animals and start controlling them.

“If the town has to start taking dogs, we don’t have a place to keep them so…There is no good option if we have to take the dog,” he said.