New faces at the Moorcroft schools

By Grace Moore

There are a number of new faces at school this year, many of whom are teaching at the K-8. Principal Theresa Brown explains that the increase in student numbers actually created a couple new positions; the remaining ones are at the high school. Two of these new teachers, Travis Santistevan and Jade Keffeler, will be coaching football this season as well.

Caitlyn Dowling.

Caitlyn Dowling is teaching kindergarten this year and this is her second year of teaching. Before moving to Moorcroft, she taught kindergarten for one year in Arizona. “I grew up in a rodeo family in Belle Fourche, SD and I love to rope, watch and compete in rodeos and spend time with my family. Growing up in the western world has taught me to work hard, be kind, and have fun. I’m hoping I can bring those same values to my class and the school,” she says.

Natalie Warga is originally from Ontario, Canada, but she has taught in New York, Nevada, Gillette and Rawlins before coming to Moorcroft. She has been teaching and coaching for ten years and this is her second teaching special education. “I am extremely excited to be learning along with your students in the classroom. I can’t wait to contribute to the success of the Moorcroft Wolves community. I’ll see you all around and thank you everyone who has been so helpful and friendly since my move. Go wolves! “

Travis Santistevan

Travis Santistevan has been in education for six years and spent the last six in Britton, SD working for the Britton-Hecla School district as an industrial technology teacher and coach.  He will be teaching industrial arts at the high school in Moorcroft. “I want young people to see their full potential and that getting a great education is an important part of their future,” he says.

Jesse Hinkhouse

Jesse Hinkhouse has taught many grades within the elementary throughout the last eight years. “I grew up in a small town in northwest Iowa and moved to Moorcroft in late middle school. After spending more than ten years at the base of the Big Horn Mountains, I decided that I was ready to be close to family again so I enquired about positions at Moorcroft K-8,” he says. “It is my goal to help Moorcroft grow as a leader within Wyoming’s education.”

Jaci Garrison

Jaci Garrison is new at teaching, this is her first year and she is teaching kindergarten. She is from Dayton, WY. “I hope to bring new ideas to the classroom. I want to bring fun, love of learning, and acceptance for all to my class!” she says.

Alyssa Brown

Alyssa Brown is also a first year teacher and is working with first grade. She is from Portland, MI. “I hope to bring my passion for literacy and its ability to open doors to many valuable experiences and opportunities in the world to my classroom and school,” she says.

Dawn Anderson

Dawn Anderson has been a teacher for twelve years and is originally from Hulett. “I’ve been gone for about ten years and am very happy to be back in Crook County. I hope to bring my love, appreciation and enthusiasm for art to my students this year,” she says.

Felicia Sams

Felicia Sams is a native to Moorcroft, graduating from Moorcroft High School in 2009. She will be teaching family and consumer science at MHS, as well as many college classes for EWC. Felicia is excited to return to her alma mater and work with the staff and teachers she has known for many years. She is also excited to work with FCCLA and continue the Moorcroft chapter’s legacy.

Mathew Albertson

Mathew Albertson is a native of Moorcroft and this is his first year teaching. “For the last ten years I’ve done electrical work and I hope to learn from the veteran teachers around me and continue to build a great school here,” he says.

Melody Jordan

Melody Jordan has been a teacher for 20 years, teaching in a small town in Montana and in Gillette.”I just wanted to get back to the small school atmosphere. I’m a special education teacher and I hope to see students who ‘click’ with the information. I hope I can move them a little closer to the rest of their peers,” she says.

Jade Keffeler

Jade Keffeler hails from Faith, SD and this is his first year teaching. He is the new physical education and life supports teacher and is also an assistant football coach. “I want the kids to learn as much as they can, get the most out of PE and build a better program,” he says.