New crosswalk coming soon

Responding to an enquiry from Police Chief Doug “Red” Lundborg last week, WYDOT District Engineer Scott Taylor confirmed that a new crosswalk for foot traffic to and from the school campus is on the agenda for 2018.

“We’re trying,” he told the chief, stating that the project is in the budget for 2018 at the present time.

Lundborg and Superintendent Mark Broderson attended a WYDOT annual presentation to the County Commissioners to ask about the status of the crosswalk, which has been on the docket since the new school opened in 2015.

“We think it really needs to be done, there’s a lot of foot traffic there,” he said, stressing the importance of safety for young students while crossing the busy main highway on the east end of town.

Taylor cautioned that the department’s budget has not yet been finalized for the year, so there is still a chance that the crosswalk could be struck from the project list. However, he said, he believes there is a good chance of it making the cut.

Taylor noted that, should the project not make it onto the list, all may not be lost. WYDOT’s Safe Routes for Schools program could be utilized for the crosswalk.

If approved within the budget, WYDOT will get the work done as soon as possible, Taylor continued. As the department’s fiscal year begins in October, the project could begin as soon as this fall.

By Sarah Pridgeon