More road woes for Pine Haven

By Grace Moore

The paving laid down on Vista Grande, Lakeview and Pendleton Drives in Pine Haven last summer was the last answer to the dangerous conditions resulting from the hard surface debacle plaguing the town residents who lived on those roadways.

Grace Moore photo
On Lakeview Drive, the new paving has begun to separate.

The issue has been ongoing since the contractor, Wyoming Earth Movers Corporation, advised the town to use the process and the manufacturer, Dallas Road Way Products, admitted their inability to fix the recurring issue. The council found their only remaining recourse was to pave the affected streets.

After a matter of months, that paving has now begun to separate. Public Works Director Sunny Schell reported to the governing body last Tuesday evening that, while Pendleton still shows no problems, Vista Grande and Lakeview are already developing potholes.

“This will need to be addressed before the frost comes out of the ground,” she said, explaining that the moisture can further damage the compromised areas.

Sacrison Construction out of Whitewood, SD laid the pavement and project manager Chris Boom, who oversaw the job, says that the damaged areas, “can be cut out and patched; not a problem at all”.