MHS track and wall moves toward completion

This is a busy summer for the MHS; the Crook County School District has three separate projects happening around the high school this summer. The first endeavor, the improvement of the track and the construction of a retaining wall around the east end of the football field, is reaching its conclusion.

Facilities Manager Tom Necklason reports that the demolition is complete on the track surface with the removal of nine inches of soil, “in order to get enough grade to put a gravel base under it because there was no gravel base under the track surface [before]. They’re getting the outside curb put in [and] should be finished with it sometime this week. Then, they’ll start putting the fence back up. They should be finishing up on the retaining wall [before Friday] so everything is moving right along.

The second project, the retaining wall on the northeast side of the high school building, has already started. “They have all the demolition done [and] are getting ready to start laying block,” says Necklason.

The third project is the parking lot extension. Necklason doubts that this third project will be complete before the school year starts.

“I’m still waiting on the contract so I can get my engineer to start designing that one. I’m hoping by November 1, whenever it gets cold, it’ll be done before that,” he says.

By Grace Moore