Mayor stands against trash proposal

By Grace Moore

Mayor Steve Sproul, though again absent from Monday night’s regular council meeting, left a letter with Clerk-Treasurer Cheryl Schneider to read to the assembly and enter into the record that he does not approve of the proposed 11-2017 garbage ordinance that was read for the second time.

The mayor spoke to the garbage ordinance, saying, “Upon further consideration of this ordinance, I am in disagreement with the increase of the garbage collection rates. I feel we need to further investigate increasing the life of the landfill and the possibility of privatizing.”

Sproul had voted approval for the first reading of this ordinance and a vote by proxy is not legal in Wyoming, so his letter only recorded his personal opinion. However, as per his request, it was entered into the record.

Mathews responded to the mayor’s desire to reconsider privatization. “It’s not that I’m against that option; I just have a hard time seeing someone private who’s in it to make money can come in and operate the same facility we are and do it cheaper,” he said.

Rhett Albers of Albers & Associates has agreed to make a proposal for the private running of the Moorcroft landfill including a pickup service. However, at this time, neither that company nor any other has given a proposal or numbers over which the council can deliberate.

Claar and Smoot reported that, when they and Sproul talked about the landfill with Secretary of State Ed Murray on his recent visit, “The mayor insisted that this group he’d brought in had given us a price and we’d turned them down.”

Said Claar, “For the record, they have not given us a price. I’m not against privatizing at all, but they’ve got to come forth with the numbers and as we all know, they’ve got to put up the $1 million up front to dig the pit and permit it.”

Mathews agreed with his fellow councilmen. “We’ve had several people come talk about that, but no one has ever given us numbers or a proposal,” he said.

The second reading of ordinance 11-2017 for an increase of garbage rates was approved.