Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

Jubilee or not to Jubilee.

That is the question.

Jubilee is normally held the first full weekend following the 4th of July. This year, due to the fact the 4th of July is on a Wednesday, it has been decided to move the Jubilee to July 14th.

For the last three years, the Chamber has seen a decline in attendance, decline in participation, decline in donations and most of all, a decline in volunteers to put on all the activities. Without the wonderful help from Pinnacle Bank, West Texas Trail Museum, Moorcroft Volunteer Fire Department, VFW, American Legion auxiliaries, the Interfaith Community Churches and local donations, this three-day Jubilee event would not be possible.

Pinnacle Bank provides and prepares the food for Friday Family Night in the park. West Texas Trail Museum provides and prepares the free breakfast on Saturday morning. The Moorcroft Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC) provides the meat and supplies for the barbecue while the Moorcroft Volunteer Fire Department prepares and serves the food on Saturday.

The VFW and American Legion provide and serve a free Ice Cream Social after the free barbecue. The Interfaith Community Churches host a non-denominational service in the park on Sunday morning. With the generosity of community donations and support of these groups, the Chamber diligently works to host Jubilee Days.

MACC has taken a one-day event and turned it into a three-day, fun-filled, family-oriented weekend. At best, it takes eighteen to twenty volunteers to cover all events.

MACC does this to bring the people of Moorcroft together and try to get travelers to stop and spend some time in town. Gradually the number of volunteers has dwindled. The success of Jubilee has had to depend on fewer volunteers, whether it is because of the economy, lack of interest, age or conflicting schedules.

Again, MACC recognizes the past volunteers and donors and hope they will continue to participate. MACC is asking for ideas and more volunteers to share the work.

If you or an organization you are involved in have any ideas or would like to be part of Jubilee, please let us know. The mailing address is MACC, PO Box 932, Moorcroft, WY 82721 or email nealgray07@gmail.com, elaineb@flowtechfueling.com, pkayjespersen@gmail.com, smillard@rtconnect.net or wttmdirector@rtconnect.net.

After a lengthy discussion during the Jubilee committee meeting, and then again at the regular MACC March meeting, it came down to these questions. Is it fiscally possible to continue with the Jubilee when it does not pay for itself? Does MACC want to continue without enough help?

Please weight in on this!

Thank you,

Moorcroft Area Chamber of Commerce