LEGO Guy comes

Grace Moore photo
Curtis Mork demonstrating a LEGO replica of the bar scene from the first Star Wars movie.

By Grace Moore

Curtis Mork, known to his fans simply as the LEGO Guy, visited and shared his passion with young and old alike Tuesday afternoon at the West Texas Trails Museum. Mork has visited the kids at the library for several years now. His popularity has grown and now demands more space so this year he was hosted at the museum.

While Mork has no children of his own, he spans generations with his LEGO sets and his enthusiasm shows in the rapport he shares with his audience.

The story started in 2006, when Mork became very ill; as he recuperated, he rekindled a passion for the childhood engineering delight, LEGOS.

“We were in a Target store and, out of curiosity, I went to see what LEGO’s doing now-a-days, and instant ten year old. As soon as I saw the sets, I said I want that one, that one, that one,” he says.

He now has over 570 LEGO sets in his small LEGO museum at home in Colorado and there are many people who enjoy walking through and discussing with him the different and rare sets on display, the oldest being a town set with a cardboard base from 1961.

The first LEGO set he ever owned was one of the models on display, a droid transport from the Phantom Menace; the mechanism can actually move the cargo in and out of the bay.