Landfill shuts to outside users

In an effort to keep the landfill open longer for the residents of Moorcroft, the governing body made the decision Monday night to fulfill the 30-day cancellation of all contracts with outside solid waste carriers and municipalities. All involved parties will be informed that their garbage will no longer be accepted as of September 15.
This was a weighty decision for the council, weighing the added years of the landfill against the increase of about $6 in garbage rates per customer to ensure the continued funding of the closure account. However, if Moorcroft remains open to outside waste, the landfill will close within approximately two years.
“If we have to ship to Campbell County,” reiterated Councilman Owen Mathews, “that’s going to jump us to about $90,000 a year.”
Public Works Director Cory Allison noted, “I think we’re going to have people just bringing up trash and dumping it. It’s going to be a mess.”
The council also advises residents and businesses in town to lock their dumpsters in the future.
“You will see a spike in people complaining about folks driving down the alleys and dumping in their garbage cans,” Town Attorney Jim Peck warned them. “The larger businesses will find theirs will fill up fast.”
Peck said he had heard some of the concerns the council is likely to hear from the public when Newcastle had to make this decision.
“Newcastle finally said ‘our obligation is to take care of our residents; it’s not to take care of people who live outside of town’…When it got to that point, all of a sudden, a solid waste disposal district was formed,” he said.

By Grace Moore