Heritage Round-up

By Grace Moore

Grace Moore photos
Dan Grace serves the feast.

The Heritage Round-up, under a new format without the art drawing, was well attended Saturday night.

The festivities started with demonstrations of churning butter with Allison White and daughter Clara; making an entire cowboy dinner in cast iron Dutch ovens with Dan Grace; and making a horse shoe from start to finish with forge and anvil under the tutelage of Voy Cox.

Live music by the Kissacks and JB King serenaded guests with sounds of yesteryear and buggy rides were provided by Jimmy and Mike under the reins of Bill Dewey and watchful eye and handling of wife Carol; along with an opportunity to take a walk through the Pearl, a refurbished sheepherder’s wagon.

Museum Director Cynthia Clonch and husband Don cooked up a delicious stew the night before as one of the stars

Voy Cox demonstrates the art of making a horse shoe from straight metal.

of the meal using almost 50 pounds of beef roast, 60 pounds of potatoes, 16 pounds each of carrots and celery, as well as dozens of cans and packages of vegetables. According to Clonch, they lost track of the number of onions they peeled and threw into the pot. The hearty mix was subsequently warmed in a “cowboy kettle”, which happens to look a lot like a cauldron, before dinner.

The silent auction brought many fine donations and funding for the West Texas Trail Museum for the coming year.