Goodwill gesture

By Grace Moore

While the question of support for the Moorcroft/Sundance solid waste district and subsequent mil levy endeavor was not on the agenda again for Pine Haven’s Tuesday night meeting last week, Councilman John Cook made a motion to get it added and his request was approved.

The council, led by Cook, eventually approved making a resolution to support “Moorcroft and Sundance in their quest for a county wide land fill”. Cook went on, “I think it’s important to support our neighbors in the county and I don’t see any downside in supporting them in this thing. There’s no money involved and if down the road it does cost us some money, we can always come back and say, ‘no, we’re not going to do that. It’s mostly just ‘good will.”

The remainder of the governing body, after confirming that there is no commitment with said support, approved the creation of the resolution.

At the same meeting the town approved advertising for a new solid waste contract to pick up and haul their municipal waste away. Sundance, too, recently signed a contract with CW Waste to take their garbage to Gillette.