Flag fallout

The controversy between Moorcroft Mayor Steve Sproul and Dick Claar, who as a citizen had purchased and installed flags on the north half wall of the MTC for Independence Day, hit a crescendo last week. One of the flags was overturned and fell onto the ground during the storm on the first weekend of July, after which the mayor gathered the fallen flag and ordered the remaining flags to be removed as well.

Grace Moore photo
The flags are back in place outside the MTC after undergoing some minor adjustments.


Claar bought longer sections of PVC pipe and reinstalled the flags two feet higher than before. Claar also installed solar lights to illuminate the flags and, according to Claar, “checks them every day to make sure the wind doesn’t knock any over”.

Much to the chagrin of Claar, who reiterated that this was a private endeavor on the part of himself, his wife and a friend and had nothing to do with the governing body, Tim Wattenberg of the American Legion was asked by Sproul to address the public at Monday night’s meeting to answer some concerns regarding the proper handling of the United States flag.

Wattenberg he shared with people the U.S. Code Title 4 protocol; respect due the flag of the United States.

Claar says he has learned a couple of things from this enterprise and assures citizens that they never meant any ill intent toward the United States emblem. The three plan to leave the flags up to fly brightly until the end of the month or shortly thereafter and retire them before they become soiled or tattered. “We plan to do it again next year,” he says.