First youth rodeo held in Moorcroft

Tana Timberman looks ahead to the next barrel. Grace Moore photo.

Moorcroft Rodeo Club’s 1st Annual Youth Rodeo was held Friday June 30, 2017.  45 contestants from various towns around Wyoming and South Dakota participated.

Moorcroft Rodeo Club would like to thank all the businesses who helped to make this event possible. Paintbrush Services, Deere Haven, Coffee Cup Fuel Stop, 4G Ranch Supply, Good Electric, Inc., Pinnacle Bank, Sundance State Bank, Blakeman Propane, Stripp’s Industrial Spraying, Bearlodge Forest Products, Diehl’s Supermarket, Moorcroft Coffee & Sweets, and Hoppers Bar.

Youth Rodeo winners, back row left to right: Olivia Paden, Kaitlynn Idler, Dane Connally. Front row left to right: Addi Gill, Tana
Timberman, Tel LaDuke, Paxton Connally.
Courtesy photo Jesse Connally

Youth Rodeo Results:

0-6 Barrels:
1st – Addi Gill
2nd – Tru Reed
3rd – Evan Martinson
4th – Paxton Connally

0-6 Poles:
1st – Addi Gill
2nd – Paxton Connally
3rd – Tallie Thomas
4th – Dylan Burch

0-6 Ribbon Snatching:
1st – Corbin Hurley
2nd – Raylyn Herren
3rd – Paxton Connally
4th – Addi Gill

0-6 Dummy Roping:
1st – Quintin Spaulding
2nd – Tru Reed
3rd – Addi Gill
4th – Paxton Connally

7-10 Barrels:
1st – Tel LaDuke
2nd – Tana Timberman
3rd – Bella Martinson
4th – Morgan Sheehan

7-10 Poles:
1st – Tel LaDuke
2nd – Tana Timberman
3rd – TJ Harrington
4th – Tate Reed

7-10 Goats:
1st – Tate Reed
2nd – Olivia Paden
3rd – Tel LaDuke

7-10 Breakaway Roping:
No catches

11-14 Barrels:
1st – Jessica Woodward
2nd – Anna Bossman
3rd – Kaylee Terry
4th – Kailee Gill

11-14 Poles:
1st – Jessica Woodward
2nd – Kaitlynn Idler
3rd – Anna Bossman
4th – Kailee Gill

11-14 Goats:
1st – Jessica Woodward
2nd – Kaitlynn Idler
3rd – Rozlyn Herren
4th – Kennedy Sheehan

11-14 Breakaway Roping:
1st – Kaitlynn Idler
2nd – Dane Connally

All-Around Winners:
0-6 Girls: Addi Gill
0-6 Boys: Paxton Connally
7-10 Girls: Tie – Olivia Paden & Tana Timberman
7-10 Boys: Tel LaDuke
11-14 Girls: Kaitlynn Idler
11-14 Boys: Dane Connally

Most All-Around Point Buckle Winner Girls:
Addi Gill

Most All-Around Point Buckle Winner Boys:
Paxton Connally