Fire restrictions lifted

By Sarah Pridgeon

With plenty of moisture across the county, Fire Warden Jeff Garman has decided to temporarily lift the burn restrictions that were put in place in March. Restrictions will no longer be in effect until or unless there is a change in conditions, he says.
“It’s until further notice,” Garman explains. “It’s getting wet enough and green enough.”
Another factor in the decision is the sheer number of burn permit applications that Garman has received since restrictions went into effect.
“Every time we get a little rain or snow, we get a stack of them,” he smiles.
The long-range forecast suggests that this summer will be wetter than average, Garman notes – although, in a county that tends to be pretty dry throughout the summer months, it’s too early to tell how much of a difference this will make.
Should the forecast pan out, however, Garman looks forward to a quieter fire season this year. In the meantime, residents are free to burn trash and other fires as normal until further notice.
Fire restrictions will be lifted on Friday, May 5.