Family Fishing Day

By Grace Moore

Sydnee and Tukker Fisk work their lines as Mom supervises.

A dark sky and heavy snow could not deter ice fishing enthusiasts and their protégés from setting up their spots and getting down to some serious fishing Saturday morning at the second annual Family Fishing Day at Coulter Bay on Keyhole Reservoir.

People were catching crappie, bass and walleye as youngsters learned a new passion from parents and even grandparents, following an old tradition of teaching into which Justin Hawkins has breathed new life with the family based event. People from Wright, Gillette, Torrington and beyond attended the festivities.

Guests who had built up an appetite catching fish, teaching younger ones and chatting with friends both new and old welcomed the lunch hour as they set their lines and headed over to the impromptu counter, where they filled their plates with pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs and sides before checking fish size for the “Best Fish” awards and raffle winners.

Finally, after some good fishing, eating and visiting, the fishermen, their families and apprentices broke down their sites, loaded their catch and, with last goodbyes, left the ice of Keyhole and another successful Family Fishing Day.