Fake $100 found in Moorcroft

By Grace Moore

Chief of Police Doug “Red” Lundborg reported at the Monday night council meeting that Donna’s Diner received a spurious $100 and, upon depositing the phony bill with the rest of the cash, was informed of the fraud by Pinnacle Bank staff. The same type of fake bill was recently found in Newcastle as well.

Lundborg explained that business owners and individuals who are given such a bill can actually feel the difference because the paper used to make copies of the cash is not comparable to the unique texture of the paper used by the treasury. There are other details to watch for as well, for instance that there are no hieroglyphics and, on these particular copies, there are oriental characters in the print.

“The easiest way to tell if a bill’s counterfeit is to take another one just like it and set them side by side. There will be something that doesn’t feel right, the holographs, how sharp the printing is,” he said.

Lunborg was asked what to do if a person is aware that the bill they receive is phony.

“If you are really suspicious that it is a counterfeit bill, you just hang onto it and call us. If they are trying to pass those bills on more than just happenstance, they’re going to run,” he said.

“Don’t try to stop them, don’t fight them, just try to get a look at what they look like and, if they get in a car, see if you can get a description. Call us and we’ll hunt them down.”