Dog attacks police officer

By Grace Moore

Moorcroft Police Officer Jory Tadlock was forced to use lethal force against an uncontrolled dog during a dog at large call Saturday, August 18.

Tadlock was responding to a call from a neighbor about the aggressive antics of a pit bull at 204 North Little Horn Avenue. When he attempted to approach the residence, the dog became aggressive and threatened to attack.

Owner Ernie Jenerou exited the house and attempted to calm the uncontrolled animal without success and the dog leaped at Tadlock’s throat. Tadlock shot the canine three times as it reached his shoulder with its front feet. Tadlock received one paw print on his uniform.

At first, according to Police Chief Doug Lundborg, Jenerou responded with a couple of comments, but then, “he accepted it”.

Jenerou has been cited for Dog at Large and Vicious Animal. “He’ll be coming to court,” said Lundborg.