Dispatchers teach first graders about 911 system

Courtesy photo
Dispatchers Jennifer Purcell and Patrice Patterson at Moorcroft first grade.

During the first week of May, the Crook County 911 Dispatchers once again visited each of the first grade classes throughout the county. The dispatchers did an interactive presentation with the students, informing them how to dial 911 and the questions they will be asked when they call.

They also went over different situations on where you would, or wouldn’t, dial 911 and what to do if they accidently call. The students had some great questions, answers and imaginations!

The dispatchers thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the youngsters in our community. Hopefully we gave them some tools, guidance and confidence to know when and how to call 911.

This program was started last year when the 911 dispatchers approached Sheriff Hodge with the idea of visiting the first grade classes throughout the county to inform the kids about dialing 911. After listening to their ideas, he agreed that such a presentation would be beneficial not only to the youngsters, but that caller awareness may also help the 911 dispatchers obtain needed information from our young callers.