Crook County Historical Society

January 9, 2018 will be the monthly meeting with the program being on a book review of The Banditti of the Plains or the Cattlemen’s Invasion of Wyoming in 1892. The public is welcome to attend this discussion whether you have previously read the book or not; the meeting will begin at 1:30 p.m. in the SSB Hospitality room.

Crook County Historical Society has taken many tours in the past: visited Mona, WY, New Haven area and the Amish Colony, Minnesela, SD (an abandoned town which had close connections with Belle Fourche and the surrounding Wyoming area), the Aladdin Tipple, the Texas Trails Museum in Moorcroft and the Rockpile Museum in Gillette and Medicine Lake east of Sundance. We have had Vernon Davis speak to us about the Pettigrew Indian fight in Beulah along with the old flour mill, Nels Smith at Ranch A about the Annenberg property and how it came to be as it is now and Bill Sniffin and his wife came and related how he came to write several book of the Wyoming Area.

Wyoming Trivia: A failed attempt to outlaw gambling was a major issue of the 1888 session. Rep. Tom Hooper of Crook County declared gambling an “______” Does anyone know what the quote was?