Crook County athletes participate in Special Olympics Area Games

On Friday, September 28, the Crook County Special Olympics team traveled to Sheridan to compete in their Area Games. The athletes competed in bowling and cycling.

Cycling Results:

Photo courtesy Kassie Clements
Crook County Special Olympics at the Area Games in Sheridan, back row: Dalton Byrne, Kyle Biggs, Henry Hodges, Bryce Merchen, Adam Perry, Spencer Ward, Bren Anderson, Evin Anderson and Weston Allred; middle row: Andrew McCue, Chase Garman and Macie Breaux; front: Kamby Schuler and Chance Duvall.

Macie Breaux: 500m – Silver, 1k – Silver

Bryce Merchen: 500m – Gold, 1k – Gold

Evin Anderson: 500m – Silver, 1k – Bronze

Weston Allred: 500m – Gold, 1k – Bronze

Andrew McCue: 500m – Gold, 1k – Fourth

Chase Garman: 500m – Silver, 1k – Silver

Adam Perry: 1k – Silver, 5k – Silver

Spencer Ward: 1k – Gold, 5k – Gold

Kyle Biggs: 1k – Bronze, 5k – Gold

Dalton Byrne: 1k – Fourth, 5k – Silver

Henry Hodges: 1k – Bronze, 5k – Bronze

Bren Anderson: 1k – Silver, 5k – Gold

Bowling Results:

Macie Breaux and Adam Perry: Bronze

Weston Allred and Bryce Merchen: Silver

Evin Anderson and Andrew McCue: Bronze

Chase Garman and Bren Anderson: Gold

Spencer Ward and Henry Hodges: Silver

Kyle Biggs and Dalton Byrne: Gold

Chance Duvall and Kamby Schuler: Silver