Crafty Quilters

Who says quilting is not a manly man’s hobby? The Bear Lodge Alternative Program would argue that.

Courtesy photos
Sydney Stewart, shows off his finished work.
Emma Stewart, works on her quilt under the watchful eye of Barb Gantz and Dominique Nelson, Sundance.

The students got busy behind their individual sewing machines and the outcome was quite impressive. With the help of the very talented Mrs. Chris Maupin, the students were working on their geometric transformation skills and creativity to assemble their own custom quilts.

They all started by picking out their own fabric from The Quilt Connection and Witches Stiches, then finished with the help of Mrs. Gantz at Chicken Scratch Quilting to get their creation quilted professionally.

It was a lot of fun to watch the students get excited about their product and put their own unique touch to them.