Council tells contractor to fix shoddy work

The attending council unanimously decided to pull the invoice submitted by Choice Line Industrial for the striping on Big Horn Avenue because of shoddy work at last week’s meeting.

“It’s horrible. I went out there and they actually sprayed a stripe right over the top of dirt; I could literally take sections of the stripe up…I was disappointed because they never even went through and power washed the old stripes; there’s literally mud underneath the stripes,” said Mayor Pro-tem Paul Smoot after his examination of the work.”

Grace Moore photo

“They’ve got multiple stripes where they’ve actually missed the spacing…I did a little bit of research and they measured it [wrong]; that’s all those double striping you see out there.”

Smoot suggested the town should hold the contractor responsible for the less than satisfactory work before releasing payment of over $3000. “I’m not opposed to paying it after they get it fixed,” he said.

Councilman Ben Glenn suggested giving them the option, “come and fix it or make it right.” to which everyone agreed.

Public Works Director Cory Allison was made aware of the problem and intends to contact the company upon his return to the office next week.

By Grace Moore