Council talks trash

By Grace Moore

At Monday night’s meeting after the pre-meeting conference, which he did not attend, Moorcroft Mayor Steve Sproul told the council that he arranged to conduct a walk-through of the landfill with a private company, TDS Collection and Environmental Services out of Torrington, WY.

The council expressed their willingness to receive a proposal from this company just as they asked for numbers from the previous private enterprises brought forth. Those companies never returned with any numbers or strategies.

Moorcroft’s request for permission to expand the landfill was refused by the DEQ, reported Councilman Owen Mathews, giving the town only about a year and a half of use even with no outside waste coming in, bringing the remaining choices of transfer or privatization to a critical point.

Privatization to this point has proven to be unprofitable for everyone concerned due to lack of volume.

“Nobody can operate that landfill cheaper than Moorcroft can operate it,” said Councilman Dick Claar. But transporting the town’s waste will inevitably raise rates, Mathews warned.