Council states support for local business

By Grace Moore

Grace Moore photo
Bids are opened for a road work project in the council chambers.

Two bids for road work on various valley (belly) pans and an alley gutter and replacement of the intersection at Crook and Cheyenne were opened and approved at a special meeting of the Moorcroft Town Council Monday afternoon.

Moorcroft’s own Glenn Construction was low bid by about $250,000. JR Civil bid the jobs at $379,989 and Glenn Construction at $127,000.

When Glenn tore up the old belly pan, the damage to the asphalt across the existing intersection was found to be so extensive that the work was estimated to cost in excess of $350,000, which meant it needed to be put out for bid.

HDR Engineering’s Heath Turbiville reviewed the bids earlier in the day and advised the council to accept the bid from Glenn.

“As you can see there is a large difference between the two and all of the paperwork of the low bid looks to be in order,” he said.

Councilman Dick Claar voiced his censure of individuals who have been maligning Glenn Construction for bidding and being consistently approved as the low bid for town projects.

“It’s unjustified. This ‘good old boy’ crap that keeps getting thrown around is ridiculous,” he said, a sentiment with which Councilman Owen Mathews agreed, advocating using local businesses.

Mayor Pro-Tem Paul Smoot conducted the meeting after Mayor Steve Sproul left moments before the assembly came to order.